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XTAR D4 Battery Charger

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XTAR D4 Battery Charger

The newest edition to XTAR's long line of chargers, featuring 4 bays that charges at 2A in 2 bays, 1A in 4 bays, or 0.5A in 2 bays (ch2 and ch3) and 1A in the other two. The XTAR D4 features battery life optimization charging, the three stage charging (TC/CC/CV) will keep your batteries in tip top condition. With the unique owl-like LED display you will never have to guess how much longer your batteries have till fully charged. Powered by micro usb, which everyone has these just laying around so you will not be without a cable to power this charger.


  • Unique owl-like design
  • Current buffering technology
  • Three stage battery life optimization (TC/CC/CV)
  • Micro USB charging port 
  • LED display to monitor battery level
  • Compatible with a wide variety of batteries
  • 0V activation for bringing your batteries back to life
  • Recommended 5V/2.1A power source or above to maximize efficiency
  • Temperature monitoring, flame retardant material, reverse polarity/short circuit/overheat protection

30 Day Warranty, No Returns.